The Maneuver Transcripts by Gentlemen’s Table

I live to enjoy the simple moments in life. Walking, breathing, pausing to admire the natural beauty of my surroundings; all things I find enjoyable. However, I am a sound believer in enjoying all aspects, which includes that of your career position. Hence, I’ve found myself in menswear. I am a man who prefers solitude, the freedom to extend myself into travel; constantly in motion. The solitude in which I prefer to inhabit has allowed time for my brain to explore infinite possibilities. From this, I keep paper and a pencil at my side, at all times, to transcend the content of my mind, first through blueprint, then into action.

I find that it presents many difficulties to absorb all of the enjoyment when I’m in discomfort. I am also a man of staples and for me; linen is a transition fabric, meaning I can transition it into fall and it is compatible with just about anything. This crewneck I am wearing, for instance, provides me with just that option. I admire when a brand can adopt a design, normally executed on an particular material, and places it onto another. For example, when layering, I find leather to contain too much heat, however, that then limits the idea of a biker jacket when outside just is not conditioned for it. Yet, a lightweight, quilted version gives me the option of wearing, what I consider to be a staple jacket, in weather that hasn’t hit its dipping point.

You see, I can sit here and ramble on about the very basics for an extended period of time, however, that hardly provides a glimpse into what goes onto my paper. To enjoy what you do, the magic must freely create itself. However, a process and idea that is not followed up by being written down is almost just as useless as discovering a cure and not being able to reference how.